J&S JOC Systems and Superintendent Handbook

Standardizing JOC Practices in the Field
At Jamail & Smith, we perform over 600 projects per year and employ more JOC professionals than any other firm in Texas. To consistently execute a high volume of jobs with so many diverse teammates, we’ve invested heavily in the development of proven systems designed to ensure superior results.

Our Superintendent’s Handbook is an innovation in which we take great pride. Organized in a manner that mimics our project planning and management files, it is assembled by the project manager before the start of each job. The handbook includes project-specific information, as well as a supply of approved forms, reports, and procedures critical to carrying out the most important role of a superintendent: to drive the job.

Essential elements are easily evaluated, and if not complete, the superintendent can insist the project manager furnishes the missing information. This ensures two-way communication and simplifies personnel interchangeability. Most importantly, the Superintendent’s Handbook documents each stage of the project, which helps guarantee we’re delivering on 100% of our promises to our clients.

As Texas’ most capable job order contractor, the Superintendent’s Handbook is but one innovation we’ve developed to help our customers succeed. Adapted in paper and electronic forms, it works for both our tech-savvy staff and our old school construction folks. It’s just one of the many reliable components you can always count on when choosing Jamail & Smith as your JOC “can-do” team.

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