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Strong subcontractor relationships and effective procurement are crucial to the success of Jamail & Smith Construction. We understand that finding, qualifying and awarding subcontracts starts at a local level, which is why we have active procurement personnel at each of our locations. Jamail & Smith Construction uses a Master Agreement to achieve consistent procurement policy compliance and establish long-term relationships with subcontractors.

Project Documents/FTP Site
We are committed to providing specifications and drawings for every project we bid. We believe that the more informed a subcontractor is about the project, the more accurately they can price their products and services.

You can view project specifications and drawings on our FTP Site. Everything you need to submit a well-informed bid will be in that unique project folder. If you have any questions, please call the point-of-contact listed on your bid invitation.

Master Agreement/Insurance
Jamail & Smith has an extensive database of more than 2,000  local subcontractors and vendors that we have pre-qualified and worked with on previous projects. We are dedicated to mentoring subcontractors as well as evaluating their performance to confidently solicit and utilize their services for ongoing contracts or new contracts. Click the box below for a copy of our Master Agreement form. For questions regarding Master Agreement and insurance, please contact Krystal Chitwood, at 281.461.7075 or

Master Agreement

HUB/MWBE Program
Jamail & Smith is dedicated to ensuring that small, minority and women-owned businesses have a fair chance in our bidding process. We understand it can be difficult for some small companies to gain the experience necessary to secure work on large projects, which is why we go above and beyond the standard state or city requirements.

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