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With over 30 years of experience, Jamail & Smith is proficient in the unique needs of K-12 schools, charter schools, and higher educational facilities.

From building and converting classrooms into useable spaces, to maintenance projects, structural upgrades, renovations, and repairs, our team is equipped with the knowledge to deliver a quality construction result. We work to make sure that projects that need electrical, mechanical, and fire alarm capability are brought up to code and ready for students to use.

Our project team efficiently remedies any issues and ensures that everything is completed on-time and within budget to ensure the construction solution does not affect the teachers and administration’s work-life and schedules, or the students’ academic, and extra-curricular activities.

Fort Bends ISD

Fort Bend ISD

In 2006, Fort Bend ISD launched Jamail & Smith into their bond program. Size and scope of projects have varied from asphalt paving, gym floors, lockers, basketball goals, and ceramic tile restrooms, to complete HVAC replacement at numerous schools. Jamail & Smith scheduled the projects over an 18-month period, which was 18 months shorter than the time allocated by the district, and our team completed 41 of the projects within the first three months. Due to the efficiency of our team working closely with the district, we saved FBISD more than $600,000 from their original budgeted cost for the assigned projects.

In 2007, Fort Bend ISD once again chose Jamail & Smith to complete $27 million in bond-related renovation and repair projects, and in 2017, Fort Bend ISD called on us to assist with the rebuild at Juan Seguin Elementary School after hurricane Harvey. Jamail & Smith quickly responded and worked with the entire Fort Bend team, Molina Walker Architects, and Jacobs to get this campus back to normal in time for the students’ first day of school.

Hays Consolidated ISD

In late Summer 2018, Max Cleaver, the new Chief Operations Officer for HCISD, notified the Jamail & Smith Austin office of some pressing facility needs. Having successfully worked with Jamail & Smith at Temple, Killeen and Fort Bend ISDs previously, Mr. Cleaver knew we were a capable, purposeful, and genuinely reliable teammate with the grit to do whatever it takes.

Together with HCISD, we’ve executed 26 job orders to provide security vestibules, harden windows in the wake of school shootings, provide polished concrete, and construct a vocational barbershop.

Educational Facilities Construction

Austin ISD

Jamail & Smith began working with Austin ISD in 2006 when we completed 30 maintenance projects. Their satisfaction with our enthusiastic commitment throughout this series of smaller electrical and mechanical upgrades and repairs led to an extended contract in which we delivered construction solutions for their Bond program renovations.

As of November 2018, we have executed a total of 163 job orders, valued at more than $10 MM. We are honored to still be working with Austin ISD today, doing whatever it takes to make them look great to their students, staff, and community. 

Houston ISD

Jamail and Smith understands the value of a safe, quality educational experience for our youth. Since 2004, we have been committed to providing services to Houston Independent School District that support this end goal. Our construction solutions for HISD total more than $66 million in work.

Noteworthy accomplishments of this program include: the HISD fire and life safety code violation correction program to ensure schools meet all fire codes, management of the HISD humidity control task force entailing building envelope modifications and HVAC system repairs at 36 campuses to overcome summer mold problems, and the HISD science lab initiative in the spring, building 127 science classrooms in 90 days.

Houston ISD
Austin Community College

Austin Community College

Jamail & Smith has been delivering quality construction results to Austin Community College since 2007. As an extension of their team, we have collaborated with ACC to find construction solutions for 126 projects at nearly $13 million. We understand the value of a positive educational experience, and we will continue to do whatever it takes to improve that experience for the ACC students and staff.

Throughout our long-established relationship with the college, we have provided a multitude of construction solutions, including: installation of biology fume hoods and water heaters, trades building electrical and structural upgrades, photo and music studio renovations, the construction of ACC Police Dispatch Office, solar photovoltaic panels at two campuses, and renovation of the Games Development Institute (GDI). Our team also completed the installation of two extensive solar power systems at Eastview and Northridge campuses for ACC that were dubbed the “ACC Energy Project.”  Our most recent success with Austin Community College entailed opening Building 4000 of the old Highland Mall, a 1969 two-story retail mall, converting the retail spaces and common areas to classroom and student union venues in just 180 days.

University of Houston

As University of Houston’s first job order contractor, Jamail & Smith has delivered quality construction results to the University of Houston since 2001, and our team was instrumental to their recovery from Tropical Storm Allison, which devastated the Houston area with flooding.

After the storm, we were able to respond to the university’s needs quickly without neglecting our obligations to our other clients. In order to do this and maintain high levels of customer service, we had to convert corporate staff into project management personnel. Our company estimator, Vice President, and our President all assumed project management responsibilities to support our clients. Because of our ability to quickly ramp up to meet the University’s needs, the University of Houston was the first public agency in the Houston area to be fully operational following Tropical Storm Allison.

Jamail & Smith has provided over $19 million worth of work for the University of Houston. Since Tropical Storm Allison, Jamail & Smith has executed numerous projects including the construction of temporary campus facilities to support larger projects, the modernization and upgrade of classroom facilities at 12 major buildings, and the construction of a $3.5 Million Student Union, the UH Satellite.

University of Houston
Houston Community College

Houston Community College

Jamail & Smith has been delivering quality construction results to Houston Community College since 2010, completing over $1.4 million in projects. Our first major project was the conversion of a 3,000 SF pharmacy lab into a dental hygiene lab. The new lab consists of 15 dental workstations to be utilized for the new dental hygiene program at HCC. The scope of the project entailed cutting 216 boreholes into the floor to connect water, electricity, air, vacuum and data lines to tie into fifteen dental chairs. We also installed new flooring, walls, ceiling, electrical panels, plexiglass and rerouted the HVAC. The dental workstations consist of medical gas components, requiring installation by a medical gas specialist.

The Jamail & Smith team also completed a 12,000 SF renovation for the fashion department during winter break with a strict completion date of January 10th before spring classes began. The former medical clinic exam rooms were converted into three art rooms, two lecture rooms and a computer lab. One of the major challenges was that none of the electrical was up to code, therefore we had to replace all electrical components and work with the architect to design the new system to withstand the electricity of 25 industrial sewing machines.

St. Edward’s University

Jamail & Smith has delivered quality construction results on a variety of projects for St. Edward’s University. One of our most notable projects was the “Village” Foundation, in which we repaired severe ground subsidence adjacent to Saint Edward’s most prestigious dormitory.  We also replaced the sewer and restored power at Mary Moody Theatre, which was lost due to ground shifting problems. Additionally, we designed and constructed Saint Edward’s first “gaming arena” by converting an existing classroom into a tiered “thunder-dome” for conducting teamed video game events.

As with all of our clients, our goal was to make St. Edward’s look great, and we succeeded. It was an honor to collaborate with them to enhance the educational experience for their students and staff.

St. Edward’s University

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