Jamail & Smith Construction, A Family Affair

Did you know Jamail & Smith Construction started with Jim Jamail and his dad, Sam Jamail? 

1979 – Football Dreams or Bust? 

After giving up his football dreams, Jim came home to finish school. His dad, Sam, worked at the post office for 30 years but always did small jobs on old homes in Galveston to make extra money. Jim began working with him to get himself through school. In the next three years, these small construction jobs got bigger.

1982 – Jamail Construction was Born 

Jim and his dad were asked to bid some jobs at the Galvez Mall in Galveston. A breakthrough came when Craig’s Clothing Store asked Jim to bid a remodel of the store. Thanks to the confidence of owner Able Grossman, Jim won the bid and completed the job at only 22 years old. At this time, Jim’s dad helped by supervising jobs.

Whether you enjoy watching football with your dad, or building a  business with your dad, we want to wish every father a Happy Father’s Day!

Want to learn more about our Jamail & Smith Construction’s history? Take a look at our company timeline.

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