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Religious Facilities

Whether you need to convert a building into a religious facility, or you need to construct a new space entirely, Jamail & Smith will provide encouragement, energetic support, and an unmatched skill level to help you find a construction solution you need.

At Jamail & Smith, we have had the privilege of constructing ornate sanctuary spaces that include high-grade finishes, elaborate interiors, and functional design.

Our project team works alongside you to stay on budget while retaining the desired square-footage and high-end appeal that your congregation will love.

Project Success Stories

A church with rows of red chairs and a stage.

Universal Church: Succeed in Life Center

For this project, Jamail & Smith was selected to convert a 27,000 square feet, two-story furniture warehouse into a religious facility. This conversion entailed an open sanctuary that seated 300, a baptistry, dressing rooms, raised stage, four classrooms, six offices, a conference room, call center, counseling room, crib room and a four-bedroom apartment upstairs. The second floor was opened up to create height in the sanctuary, which required extensive structural modifications to the facility.

For this church conversion, we worked hand-in-hand with the architect, design team, and the Bishop to ensure all needs were met, the project was delivered within budget, and the facility was ready for the congregation to enjoy for years to come. The quality construction results of this project led to the award of two additional projects for the Universal Church – the new construction of the $7 million, 46,000 square feet Westpark church in Houston and an 11,000 square feet church conversion in Fort Worth.

Austin Chinese Church

Austin Chinese Church selected Jamail & Smith to design and build a new worship area with seating for 600 people, four classrooms and a choir practice room. The 16,000 square feet church has an elaborate interior with high-grade finishes that required extensive millwork and craftsmanship.

The tight budget proved to be particularly challenging, but given Jamail & Smith’s experience constructing ornate churches, as well as working closely with our architectural subconsultant, Ziegler Cooperon, on numerous projects, this was not a challenge too large to overcome. Our team was able to find construction solutions that saved money while retaining the desired square-footage and high-end appeal desired by the church congregation.

Sacred heart catholic church sign.

Diocese of Beaumont

Following Hurricane Ike in 2008, Jamail & Smith performed several projects for the Diocese of Beaumont that totaled more than $2 million. These projects consisted of renovation and repair work, including: removal and replacement of entire roofing systems, repainting of interiors, installation of new carpet and ceramic tile flooring, replacement of damaged ceiling tiles, installation of new canopies over damaged carports and walkways, removal and replacement of fencing, and addition of new spaces.

Throughout this process, our team came alongside the Diocese as an extension of their team, enthusiastically committed to delivering quality construction results as we rebuilt the churches their congregations hold dear.

First Baptist Church Alta Loma Hurricane Repair

For this $541,000 project, Jamail & Smith repaired the Sunday school classroom and the entire sanctuary roof. We also conducted asbestos abatement and Life Safety upgrades throughout the church, which included all electrical, mechanical, plumbing, remodeling of the sheetrock, painting, flooring, and installing doors.

As a capable, purposeful, and genuinely reliable teammate, we were able to help the church find construction solutions that guaranteed the safety and satisfaction of their congregation for years to come.

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