Our Award-Winning Program

Our safety program has proven effective in protecting our staff, subcontractors, owners and the community. We have achieved these results because we take a proactive approach to training and safety planning and we build safety into our services.

Any Jamail & Smith employee, at any time, can stop work if there is a safety concern.

1,800 Varied Projects Across Texas

Over the last 3 years, we have executed almost 1,800 Varied Projects for Public Agencies Across Texas.

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Over the last 3 years, we have zero documented safety issues.

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Over the last 7 years, zero Lost Time Accidents.

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All Sites Inspected Monthly by Safety Coordinator

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All Project Managers and Superintendents Evaluated During and After Projects

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100% of Sites Include Subcontractor Safety Plans

Project Safety Meetings

To keep project safety at the forefront of our employees’ and subcontractors’ daily activities, we require the following:

Initial Safety Meeting
  • Appropriate Protective Measures to Minimize Risk
  • Attire and Personal Protective Equipment
  • Specified Emergency Conduct
Weekly Toolbox Talks
  • Initial Safety Meeting Item Reminders
  • Weekly Safety Topic
  • Project Happenings

Our Required Safety Trainings

Our operations team is required to complete trainings prior to the commencement of the project, as well as participate in monthly classes pertaining to a variety of Occupational Saftey and Health Adiminstration topics.

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Monthly Online Safety Trainings

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Further extending our job safety knowledge, we provide monthly online trainings for all employees. These special safety trainings consist of HAZCOM, fall protection, scaffolds, forklifts, cranes etc.

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