The Unique Challenges of the Zilker Café Project

The past couple of weeks, we have been discussing the Zilker Café project. This historic building offered some unique challenges because the rehabilitation needed to reflect the original look and feel of the building, and certain components of the building had to be preserved. Read more about the Rehabilitation of Zilker Café here.

In the midst of construction, it became apparent that the mechanical duct work would not allow for the proper clearance below the vent hood. The team, Jamail & Smith, CasaBella Architects and PARD, worked together to come up with the solution to adjust the structural joists to accommodate the vent hood. 

Our team also needed to ensure that the kitchen was properly ventilated. This was accomplished by the installation of a modern mechanical system on the roof and hidden behind a sleek perforated screen matching the storefront windows. Our team ensured the safety of the facility against kitchen fires by installing an Ansul Fire Suppression System.

Additionally, since Zilker Café is located in an endangered species zone, all of the products used on the project were specifically chosen to adhere to strict environmental standards to ensure the safety of wildlife in the area.

Jamail & Smith worked closely with the design team and the Parks and Recreation Department to deliver a quality construction solution that met their exact needs. But hold on, it’s not the end of the story! What does Zilker Café look like now? Next week, we will include all of the details, plus more! 

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