Aldine ISD: MacArthur High School

“Raising the roof” took on a whole new meaning with the repair and renovation of MacArthur High School in Aldine ISD. MacArthur High School was founded in 1965 and has served the Aldine area and its students for many years. The wear and tear of the last 56 years were apparent, and the Jamail and Smith team was tasked with bringing new life back into the structure of the school. The scope of the project included plumbing, flooring, electrical, HVAC, and roof, as well as renovating a teachers’ lounge. 

Due to the age of the building, many months of planning were required to determine the best process for removing the old HVAC systems and roofing. Strategic planning and coordination were necessary to avoid compromising the integrity of the building or getting in the way of those using the facility. The existing HVAC piping at the roof was near to, or lying on, the existing roof. As such, it was necessary for the team to raise the piping system by three feet over the entire roof expanse of 250,000 sf. Rigorous and well-thought-out organization of sub-contractors ensured that every detail went smoothly and efficiently. As a result, with the HVAC piping system raised far above the new roof, there is clearance for any future AC system modifications the customer may need. 

Despite HVAC control issues, the challenges of working on an older building, and COVID in the middle of it all, the Jamail and Smith team stayed within budget and met the deadline. Long weekends and working around the clock ensured the kitchen could be used to provide meals to those affected by COVID-19, and the AC could be used by those in the building during the week. Because we worked as Aldine ISD’s teammate and maintained strong communication throughout the project, our team was able to provide a quality construction result

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