Pasadena ISD: South Houston High School

Jamail & Smith Construction made Pasadena ISD look great by converting South Houston High School classrooms into new science labs for students to use and enjoy. The scope of the project encompassed every detail from laboratory cabinets and fixtures to plumbing and electrical needed to create a high-end laboratory area. Vinyl flooring, HVAC and low voltage work, concrete patchwork, and more were all held to the high standard required for scientific learning and testing areas. 

Timing is everything, and the Jamail & Smith team produced a quality construction result well within the timeline given. Our team discovered AC systems without proper insulation and pre-existing plumbing issues. Despite this, we were able to find and correct these issues, all while remaining within budget. Seven-day work weeks plus strong communication and organization led to the project being completed two months ahead of schedule. The result is a high-end laboratory for students to conduct experiments in a safe and spacious environment. 

Jamail & Smith Construction relies not only on a strong work ethic, but also on our ability to create a seamless relationship as your teammate. Working in tandem with sub-contractors and the client, we bring everyone together into a cohesive, organized, and efficient team. This project with Pasadena ISD was no exception. Despite several road bumps and a short period, the team provided a quality construction result on budget and on time!

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