Charging Stations Success Story

Charging Stations

Jamail & Smith Construction partnered with the city of Austin, Austin Energy, ChargePoint, and EEA Consulting Engineers to install seventy-six electric vehicle charging stations at nineteen sites throughout Austin. These state-of-the-art, wifi enabled DC Fast Charging Stations were partially funded by grants from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Jamail & Smith has installed more of these stations at more locations than any other job order contracting company in the country.

Each site needed unique installations that required permits, concrete foundations and pavement, electrical infrastructure, service connections, handicapped signage and parking. Depending on the site’s needs, as few as two to as many as ten individual charging stations were installed

The team was specifically certified by ChargePoint to install these charging stations. Jamail & Smith coordinated with Austin Energy for overall installation, connection, and programming of the charging stations.

While every site had its unique challenges, at the Electric Drive location, the flagship installation, there were design and installation challenges, as well as delays due to permitting, weather issues, and COVID-19 restrictions that turned our original six-week schedule into a two-week timeframe to complete the project. Jamail & Smith adhered to strict city and company guidelines to protect our workers and the public amid COVID-19. In order to meet the deadline, Jamail & Smith doubled their manpower, and worked overtime through Memorial Day weekend to deliver a quality construction result.

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