A Look Back at our Favorite Easters

Easter is a time for family to come together. Here at Jamail & Smith Construction, we reminisce on special moments spent with family over Easter. Here are a couple of our team members’ favorite Easter memories.  

Rob, one of our JOC Estimating Managers describes how Easter usually went in his family:

“Born into a large family, (my father had five brothers and one sister, which gave me 13 cousins), it was tradition to dress in our Easter suits and dresses and meet at my grandparents for coffee and pictures on Easter Sunday.

For breakfast, my grandmother made a special dish called ham pie, a mixture of eggs and ham baked like a cake. It was memorable because it was so delicious! We were like any typical Italian family… we were LOUD at mealtime, our parents were always yelling, and hands were always flying… this made for some great memories!  

After church, my grandfather would put each cousin on his lap and ask about our past week, about school, and how our extracurricular activities were going. Our time with our grandparents ended with all the grandkids reaching into a paper sack and picking out a full-sized candy bar (some of which are not even made any more). 

Then our family went home for Easter dinner. We always had ham and all the veggies, and of course, a big salad at the end. At our house you could not leave the table until you had salad!”

Holly, our Houston and Administrative Finance Manager, describes her favorite Easter memories:

“Easter was beloved by my family, especially when we were little. At my house, Easter was all about God and family. In the morning, we woke to big Easter baskets our parents had given us.

It was a fun tradition to pick out a new Easter dress and a large colorful Easter hat for church. You should see the pictures!

After church, we would get together with our cousins and have a big Easter egg hunt. We always loved this holiday, and the opportunity it gave us to celebrate the hope we have in Christ Jesus.”

Whether you’re having an easter egg hunt, or gathering around a large Italian family’s breakfast table, we hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend with your family.

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