“Make It Safe” – George Bush Intercontinental Airport

The Jamail & Smith team responded immediately when road repair work caused damage to an underground tunnel at George Bush Intercontinental Airport. You can read more about the details of the incident in last week’s news blog post.

The incident caused concrete to fall into the tunnel, and it caused damage to the mechanical lines above the ceiling of the tunnel. Our team provided the labor and equipment necessary to clean up and make the area safe. Additional ceiling tiles were removed to open up the area, and light fixtures that were once suspended from the ceiling were also removed. Temporary barricades were put up to keep people from coming through. Shoring was put in place to support the chill water lines, electrical lines, sprinkler lines, and most importantly, to help support the actual concrete structure.

Jamail & Smith provided a quality construction result by responding immediately to an emergency situation and providing the shoring and clean-up necessary to make the area safe. Have questions about how we can help in an emergency response situation? If so, let’s connect!

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